Fast Reaction to the Presidential Debate


The results are in:  Kinda boring opening debate.

We’ve just wrapped up the first of 2 presidential debates (next week’s debate is between the VPs).  To be honest I was a little underwhelmed.  The first 20 minutes sounded like a couple of accountants talking about boring accountant-ish blah.  Be honest, were you not thinking to yourself at some point, “This is kind of boring”?

Romney will likely benefit the most in the polls from this debate- he definitely was the candidate on the offensive tonight.

Obama looked like he was just putting in the time- punch in, punch out.  He didn’t pull out any of the big guns like the 47%, Bain Capital, killing of bin Laden (mostly because this was a debate about the economy), or Massachusetts’s poor jobs record under Romney.

I’m guessing the Obama campaign strategy for this was to not appear argumentative, just sound smart, don’t make any gaffes, save the fireworks for last, and fly under the radar because the last presidential debate will be the most important one.

It will be interesting to see how much of a hit, if there is one, that Obama will take in the polls.  After Romney shot himself in the foot with the 47% video, Obama was starting to pull away a tiny bit in the battleground states that matter most like Ohio, Florida, and Wisconsin.

Seems like a rather dangerous strategy for the Obama campaign. However, it could provide him an advantage going into the last debate, given that most campaigns try to lower their candidates’ expectations going into debates in order to make viewers “pleasantly surprised” if the “underdog” performs well.

Or it could just be that Obama made a mistake by not taking Mitt Romney and this debate too seriously, because he didn’t really look like he was giving his best effort out there.

So here’s too hoping that the last debate between Romney and Obama will be a little more spirited.  Either way, I’m probably more excited to see the snappy Paul Ryan and loose-cannon Joe Biden slug it out next week.


One comment

  1. Sherman Dangerfield

    Yes, agreed Todd. Pretty exciting for economic nerds, pretty boring for common folks. The VP one could get crazy. Joe Biden is the biggest loose cannon politician that I have seen in a long time. Ryan is going to embarrass the poor guy. Doubt it will be near as popular a debate though.

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