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Fast Reaction to Utah/Utah State

I have so many thoughts in my head.  I don’t know if I can catalyze them in my brain and turn them into coherent words, sentences, and paragraphs on this blog.  But heck, I’m gonna try anyway.

Many of you just watched the Utah/Utah State football game.  First of all:

Congratulations to Utah State.  Coach Andersen has done an amazing job up in Logan, and Chuckie Keeton is a BAMF.


That TD pass from Hays to Murphy in OT that was called back by a pass interference call was bogus.  And the very last play of the game should have been called pass interference.  With that being said:

Utah still deserved to lose that game…for many reasons.  One of them is that Utah State wanted it more.  Utah looked uninterested.  In this post, I’m going to list a few things Utah needs to straightened out now:

First, Wynn’s career in Utah needs to be over, and John Hays needs to be that solid backup he’s supposed to be.  Travis Wilson is the future of this program.  Hays sure looked plucky out there tonight, but we’ve seen this movie before and we know how it turned out last year.

Gary Andersen had the guts to start some 2 star recruit freshman last year at QB and look how that has turned out.  Travis Wilson is an Elite 11 quarterback.  Let the kid play.  It’s a tough decision, but Whit needs to make it.  I’m not sure he has the guts to do it.

Brian Johnson has to stop being so conservative and predictable in his play calling.  John White is the man, but he’s not Stephen Jackson.  He’s not 6’4, 240 lbs.  So stop running him up the gut on every run play!  There’s a difference between keeping a defense honest and just plain being stupid.

John White is like 5’10, 185 lbs.  He’s fast and has great open field moves.   Let the boy run some sweeps.  Pitch it out to him every once in a while!  He shouldn’t run the ball between the tackles any more than 30% of all run plays.  And Kelvin York should be used for that anyway.

In the pass game, I’m not sure if it’s Wynn’s fault, or Johnson’s fault.  But Utah has to throw the ball 15+ yards down the field much earlier and much more often in the game.  Utah’s offensive game plan for nearly the first two quarters was as follows:  White-Run up the middle, Wynn-Short pass… and repeat.

They shouldn’t wait to be down two touchdowns before they start throwing the ball farther than the 1st down marker.  That is the #1 reason John White couldn’t get anything going tonight.

After all is said and done.  This game doesn’t really matter for Utah’s postseason.  But it’s definitely puts Utah in a crossroads.  Either go down the same mediocre path they went down last year with a backup QB who came to Utah from Southwestern Nebraska Tech because the school dropped their football program, or try something new… that’s 6’7… with a cannon arm.